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"Andrew tutored me up to my grade 5 guitar exam. I wouldn't have passed it without him. He's a very patient and supportive teacher with a vast knowledge of guitar and music theory in general. I'd happily recommend him to anyone."

- Ben, student. 

"Andrew has a wonderful way of finding an “in” at the start of every lesson and quickly establishing a positive vibe. The lessons seem to fly by and my son is always happier at the end of them."

- Laure, parent. 

"Whether we were working through my grades or learning how to play my favourite songs, Andrew is an excellent teacher. He always made the lessons enjoyable and kept me engaged in learning the guitar"

- Rishi, student. 

"Andrew was brilliant at teaching our daughter and getting her ready for her grade 1 and 2 examinations which she passed with flying colours."

- Louise, parent. 

"I have enjoyed the lessons, learned a lot and has improved my guitar skills."

- Ameyaw, student. 

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