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    My name is Andrew. I have been teaching the guitar for over 15 years, both privately and in schools across London. During this time many people have asked me to recommend a beginner's book, but I could never find one I was happy with - so I wrote my own. Based on my tried and tested teaching method, "Champion Guitar" includes elements of classical and rock guitar, with simple, clear instructions, focusing on having fun and getting started immediately.

Whilst usually starting with my own teaching materials, I also regularly prepare students for both ABRSM and RockSchool grade exams. These exams can be a great way to motivate students into regularly practising, but they are not for everyone. My attitude is: "It's your lesson - what do you want to learn?" So if it's strumming an Ed Sheeran song, fingerpicking Fleetwood Mac, Disco, Funk, Heavy Metal, Jazz or Classical, if you are ready to learn, I will teach you to play guitar... a CHAMPION! 

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