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Ideal for beginners, adults, children, 

and guitar teachers, Champion Guitar is clear, concise and fun! Get playing straight away and learn how to read TAB, chords, standard notation, strumming patterns, finger-picking and much more! Everything you need to know to play guitar like a Champion! Practise along with speed-adjustable studio quality backing tracks to develop your playing skills at your own pace...


Just bought a guitar?

     Have you just bought your first guitar and want to learn the basics? Have you got a guitar sitting in the cupboard gathering dust? Maybe you want something for the kids to do other than staring at a screen all day?


Learning to play guitar is awesome and these days there are many ways to go about it. Sometimes, though, it's hard to know where to start. Champion Guitar is a beautiful, full-colour guide that will have you playing in minutes and take you step-by-step from naming the strings to reading TAB, strumming chords and much more! 

Why Champion Guitar?

I have been teaching guitar for twenty years and always struggled to to find a beginner book that covered everything I wanted to teach. All the books I found seemed to be either too focused on classical music or too focused on rock music, so I designed the Champion Guitar method to incorporate the best elements of both, to give students an all round introduction to guitar playing...


How it works


The Champion Guitar method is all about introducing ideas one at a time; starting with learning the names of the strings and then moving on to reading TAB...


  • Reading TAB - TAB is a very straightforward and logical system, with lines to represent the strings and numbers for the frets, which enables students to get playing straight away!

  • Learning Rhythms - Once we have learnt how to read TAB we can move on to learning rhythms (how long notes last for), with bright, colourful diagrams that can be used for a number of games and activities!

  • Learning chord shapes - probably the most important part of playing guitar; pressing down on multiple strings at the same time and strumming the strings

  • Learning about the Musical Alphabet and how to find out the names of different notes anywhere on the guitar. This is reinforced with improvisation exercises and helps students build a good understanding of how music works.

  • Once we understand how to read TAB and understand the names of the notes on the guitar, we can learn how to read traditional music notes, called "Standard Notation"

  • Further we can learn to pluck different strings with different fingers. This fast-paced style of playing is called "finger-style..."

are you a GUITAR  Teacher? 

Overwhelmed teacher.jpg

Don't spend your whole life lesson planning and photocopying bits of paper. Champion guitar will save you so much time! Jam-packed with pieces and activities that have been designed for students of differing abilities; ideal for teaching individuals and in groups!

Each of the 14 pieces in this book can be played in different ways, with different skill levels in mind. If you are teaching students in groups, there are multiple options available; playing the main melody, playing chords or playing the lowest individual note in each chord (bass notes). The pieces also increase in difficulty as you progress through the book, making lesson planning easy! 

Students can practise along with the studio quality backing tracks at Choosing between the "full track", "no chords" or "no main melody" versions and adjusting the speed of the track to suit their needs.


Can't decide whether to teach classical or rock guitar? Why limit students to one or the other? Teach them elements of both in a fun and straight-forward way with Champion Guitar...


All this for only

Get yours while stocks last!




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